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The leading Steel Manufacturer in Jordan since 1965

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Steel Buildings Company is committed to providing its customers with high quality products at competitive prices as well as timely delivery.

Customer satisfaction, trouble free construction and accurate fit of components are all priorities within Steel Buildings Company regardless of the complexity of the project, thus, resulting in high work efficiency on site, which in effect lowers costs incurred by delay. These priorities are achieved as a result of the system in which the departments involved work separately yet in harmony with work overlapping from a department to another.

The Engineering Department uses state-of-the-art computer software and international Codes of Practice in order to come up with an inimitable design that matches all the clients requirements.

In the Detailing Department draftsmen use different computer programs of the highest technology in order to draw all of the buildings details down to the size of screws, nuts and bolts to be used. Later, all drawings are thoroughly checked prior to release.

The Procurement Department purchases all raw materials according to the highest standards.

Quality Control personnel inspect the raw material against rigid specifications.

Components are produced at the Factory by skilled labourers, advanced machinery and under strict quality assurance controls.

Steel Buildings Company employees at all levels strongly adhere to the qualities of integrity, honesty and craftsmanship. Quality is never compromised and certification to ISO 9001:200 is considered a milestone towards the company's commitment to excellence. The organization is dedicated to continuous improvement at all levels.

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