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The leading Steel Manufacturer in Jordan since 1965



At Steel Buildings Co. we believe in adding value to our clients needs, the architectural flexibility and diversity of projects, is built on our adherence to the core values of strength, integrity, craftsmanship. Throughout the years we have been able to provide customer fit solutions throughout Jordan and the Middle East since 1965. We strive to build our reputation, develop our corporation, and furthermore extend our qualities to build a stronger, more efficient and value adding Steel Buildings Company Product.

Customs Department

Aqaba, Jordan

Qatrana Electric Power

Qatrana, Jordan

Blue Fig Cafe

Amman, Jordan

National Electric Power

Aqaba, Jordan

Petra Aluminum Industries

Muwaqar, Jordan

Safeway, Wholesale Center

Muqebalen, Jordan

City Mall

Dabouq, Jordan

Al-Ghad Newspaper

Amman, Jordan

Sofex - Show Room

Marka Airport, Jordan

Ittihad Glass

Amman, Jordan


Qastal, Jordan

Indo-Jordan Chemicals

Eshidiya, Jordan

Al Isra’a University

Airport road, Jordan

Daoud Co

Baqa’a, Jordan

Foareign Ministry

Amman, Jordan

Dry Mortar Factory

Qastal, Jordan

Indo-Jordan Chemicals Co

Eshidiya, Jordan

National Ammonia

Madaba, Jordan


Aqaba, Jordan

Sofex Exhibition Hall

Marka Airport, Amman

T. Gargour and Fils Company

Sahab, Jordan

Mitsubishi Motors

Amman, Jordan

Philadelphia University

Amman, Jordan

Zaytooneh University

Amman, Jordan

Jordan Aerospace Industries

Queen Alia Airport, Jordan

AYLA Aviation Academy

Aqaba, Jordan

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