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Pre-Engineered Buildings vs. Conventional Buildings

From the simplest to the most complex building designs, Steel Buildings Company gives you the design and architectural flexibility and versatility you expect, quickly and economically. Steel Buildings Company has the ability to engineer, manufacture and erect a full range of products, from our standardized structures to heavy industrial complexes. Our computerized design system allows us to tailor buildings to meet your specific needs and requirements. As a results, it is not necessary for a customer to redesign his operation around a "standard" building. At the factory, Steel Buildings Company has the manufacturing capabilities that gives our engineers the flexibility to design your building without being affected by manufacturing limitations. Moreover, end-use flexibility is matched by diversification in appearance. Steel Buildings Company buildings blend with any conventional exterior and are fit to our customer's needs. There are many reasons why you should choose a Steel Buildings Company Pre-engineered Building, we have kept it simple and listed below the main reasons why you should build your next project with us.

Structure Weight
  • Efficient use of steel = 30 % lighter - tapered build up - large depths in areas of highest stresses = Optimum
  • Light Gauge Secondary members - low labor cost
  • Quick Specialized computer analysis & design programs optimize material requirements - Drafting is computerized minimizing errors
  • Design, shop and erection drawings are supplied by the manufacturer free of charge
  • PEB designers are pre-engineering buildings every day of the year resulting in most efficient designs
  • Ease of coordination allows for lower design and coordination fees
  • Half the delivery time
  • Simple - Easy construction - Light weight = less cost
Erection Simplicity
  • Systems approach = similar systems = learning curve is faster for each consequent project. Steel Buildings Co. provides on site free of charge erection support as well as on site quality control follow-up
Erection Cost and Time
  • Accurate knowledge of time and cost of erection. Erection process is easy and fast with hardly any requirement for equipment
Seismic Resistance
  • Low weight flexible frames = higher resistance to seismic forces
Overall Price
  • As much as 30% less
  • Outstanding Architectural Design at low cost combined with wood, concrete, glass, aluminum
Sourcing & Coordination
  • Building is supplied as one package with erection if required - Turnkey
Cost of Change Orders
  • Change orders are easy to respond to with minimal material waste and extra costs
Building Accessories
  • Accessories are standardized parts designed to fit the building - Mass-produced for economy and available with the buildings
Future Expansions
  • Electronic records are kept indefinitely - future needs are simple to cater to
  • Single Source of Supply
  • Buildings designed as a system, allowing for maximum efficiency, precise fit and peak performance with dependable, predictable performance
Global Experience
  • Steel Buildings has designed to many international codes and standards around the globe
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